I remember back when I still posted rap more often, you gave me props on it. If I could get into a studio and record some of the other shit that I've been writing then I'd love to collab with you but nobody around here has a studio. I spat over On My Level and remixed the first two verses but I've been wicked hesitant to just do the whole song by myself and I've been looking around for local rappers but I came up Too $hort (fuck man, I had to make the pun).

lol I like that haha.

nah I feel you, the one thing i keep telling myself is “work for you.”

It doesnt work everyday, but its a mantra i keep until it becomes subconscious. No one out here raps. The show i’m doing on 4/20 will be the first time i rap alongside other rappers. IF THEY SHOW UP.

But mostly its all bands. and 70% only do covers of other bands.

You just get what you concentrate on. Best advice I’ve heard to date